THE CHURCHILL CHRONICLES” stands alone as a unique and powerful piece of leadership theater, while doubling as an extraordinary self-reflection workshop. However, many of our clients choose to use the “Chronicles” as the centerpiece or capstone to an integrated leadership experience that occupies an entire day or two days. To that end may we humbly, yet proudly, recommend the following programs and instructors.



Weber - Conversational CapacityTCraig Weberhe ability of an organization to achieve what it sets out do, is dependent on the caliber of interactions in the organization—how people pull together (or pull apart), especially when facing tough problems and challenges.

Craig Weber has been building conversational capacity in workgroups, business units, and Fortune 500 organizations for more than two decades. His hands-on, interactive approach to building skill-sets makes him a favorite among such prestigious firms as AT&T, Pfizer, NASA, The United Way and the Royal Bank of Canada.  Author of the instant best-seller CONVERSATIONAL CAPACITY, Craig delivers incredible value and measurable results.


Susan PasquantonioLimitless Possibilities eventBoeing’s CEO of Network and Space Systems calls “LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES” with Susan Pasquantonio “The most comprehensive leadership experience I have ever known.” Tapping into “peripheral knowledge”, talents and skills that we possess but may not use every day, Susan and her team show you how to access those different skills and talents in order to attack different challenges with innovation and imagination.

Those skills are then immediately put to the test as Susan breaks your group into a number of smaller teams, and charges them all with the responsibility of creating a musical presentation that would rival the likes of J-Lo, Springsteen, and Beyoncé.  The output is always absolutely remarkable, as teams come together in trust and creativity to produce some of the most incredible music ever created in a very short time. “LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES” has been a staple exercise at GE’s Crotonville Training Facility since 2004.


Frank BarrettYes to the Mess - Frank BarrettHow do you cope when faced with complexity and constant change?  Here’s what the world’s best leaders and teams do: THEY IMPROVISE.  They invent creative responses and take calculated risks without the safety net that guarantees outcomes.  They negotiate with each other as they proceed, and they don’t dwell on mistakes or stifle each other’s ideas. In short, they say “yes to the mess”. They embrace the hurried, harried, crazy world of opportunity that lies ahead. Frank Barrett, renowned jazz musician and author of such books as SAY YES TO THE MESS and APPRECIATIVE INQUIRY: BUILDING COOPERATIVE CAPACITY, guides you through an enormously fun and entertaining new skill-set: the ability to say “yes” to the mess.


FDR and Churchill eventElisabeth RodgersDespite enormous differences in politics, temperament, philosophy and approach, Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill were able to forge a cross-cultural partnership that helped change the face of human history.

This interactive, hands-on workshop explores the communication styles of two very different men, both of whom wielded great power, both with a very strong need to be right, both with a very strong need to win. However, both men committed themselves to being culturally sensitive to the other from the very beginning, and both men made a firm commitment to listen. Elisabeth Rodgers divides your group into a number of different cultural factions, then initiates communications that must carry both information and cultural awareness. Your students compose and transmit the messages to the various multi-national embassies and attaches before engaging in actual telephone conversations and negotiations across the seas. A very creative and fascinating method of skill-set building.

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