Winston Churchill was an imperfect man who often made mistakes. He could also, at times, be arrogant, abrasive, impatient, and dismissive.

Recognizing that such traits would be detrimental to his effectiveness as a leader, Churchill made a commitment to himself, to his colleagues, and to his subordinates to break those patterns of behavior.  He then committed himself to developing a skill-set of systems thinking, positive and precise communication, flexibility, empowerment, global awareness, and strategic action. 

It was this new set of consciously created skills, plus a powerful sense of gratitude, that helped Winston Churchill become one of the most beloved and respected leaders in the history of mankind.

The presentation is all about leading and learning in turbulent, challenging times; and consciously developing the necessary skill-set for effective, inspiring leadership.  Three theatrical scenes powerfully illustrate and anchor learning points; then the four work sessions take it all back to your workplace.

It’s also interactive… audience members take on various roles, as cabinet members and opposition ministers who challenge Churchill’s position of defiance against Hitler’s war machine.

“The Churchill Chronicles” is not only an extraordinary learning module; it’s powerful, emotional theater.