THE CHURCHILL CHRONICLES” will resonate with your corporate students for months and even years to come. The energy that the program creates helps to generate conversations, which leads to strategies, which lead to decisions, which result in actions, which deliver value to your organization and your customers.

When the program is subject to a survey, most participants ask for a follow-up program or series of programs to help refresh the learning. These programs serve to recapture the original energy generated by “THE CHURCHILL CHRONICLES,” and to focus that energy on additional leadership skill-sets.  Here are some recommendations for such sustainability and development:


Churchill-hat colorSix years after the conclusion of World War II, the people of Great Britain returned Winston Churchill to Number Ten Downing Street.

By that time, Britain was rebuilding, and the peace and security of free nations was being pursued around the globe. Britain was no longer considered one of the most powerful military nations on earth, however, thanks to Churchill’s genius, she remained one of the most powerful political forces in the world. In this remarkable and compelling two-hour module, your students will explore the power of influence, and the influence of power. Owen Thompson reprises his role as the enigmatic Prime Minister, along with the same all-star cast of facilitator/actors that brought life to “THE CHURCHILL CHRONICLES”.  If you enjoyed Act One, wait until you’ve seen Act Two.

An On-Your-Feet, Hands-On, Interactive Workshop in Crisis Management

Leadership-Masters facilitationOnce your students have completed this remarkable workshop, they will feel more capable and perhaps even more powerful in situations that, to others, may seem unmanageable and even impossible.

We divide your group into three teams.  Each team must manage one of three different situations: situations that appear to have no solution.  Time is of the essence, and swift action is necessary in order to avert disaster. How will your teams work together under pressure?  Who will lead?  How will decisions be made? This award-winning three-hour module helps build agility, trust, tenacity, self-awareness, communication and confidence.

“OPEN CHALLENGES IN CLOSED SYSTEMS” was part of the Boeing Executive Program from 1998-2006.

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