Winston Churchill - hatPROGRAM OVERVIEW:

THE CHURCHILL CHRONICLES” is a unique combination of very powerful Leadership Theater and an extremely insightful and actionable Practical Workshop. The theatrical scenes examine three pivotal points in the leadership journey of Winston Churchill: His appointment as Prime Minister in May of 1940, the fall of France only two weeks later, and the Battle of Britain. Each scene highlights the strategies for personal growth and the strategies for organizational change that Churchill put into effect during those challenging and historic times.

Three brilliant theatrical scenes are followed by three insightful and challenging work sessions: The Depth of Hearing, The Distance of Sight and The Quality of Action.  A fourth and final work period called The Power of Grateful Leadership brings it all together.  The result is a complete action plan for personal and organizational transformation, on any scale, for all levels.


THE CHURCHILL CHRONICLES is both flexible and adaptable, and can fill a time slot of anywhere between two and five hours. It can be presented in almost any space. However, in order to maximize the impact of the piece, Leadership-Masters recommends a space with suitable lighting, a quality sound system, and power point capability. Worktables are preferred (Either conference style or rounds), equipped with name tents (for smaller groups), note pads and pens. There is no limit to the size of the audience.


Timing is flexible, but we recommend the following scenario: Let’s say that the presentation is scheduled to begin at 1 PM. The timing would look like this:

Auditorium 21:00–1:25 PM – The Distance of Sight
1:25–1:50 – The Depth of Hearing
1:50–2:15 – The Quality of Action
2:15–3:00 – The Power of Grateful Leadership
3:00–3:30 – Optional Break-Outs
3:30–4:00 – Optional Report-Outs
4:00–4:30 – Optional Debrief

Based on the above timing, the presentation can be anywhere from two hours to four hours or even five hours, depending upon the intended outcomes.

No pre-work is necessary in order to fully appreciate THE CHURCHILL CHRONICLES. However, we can recommend specific books, speakers, and training modules to fully maximize the emotional and transformational impact of the piece. Therefore, the program can be used as a “stand-alone” piece, or as the centerpiece of an entire day or two days, or more, of training.


The basic cost of “THE CHURCHILL CHRONICLES” is $19,500 (pricing subject to change).  That price includes all props, costumes, music, set pieces, printed materials, salaries and insurance.  Travel and shipping are charged separately.  Additional speakers, training modules, books, and other materials are also charged separately.

THE CHURCHILL CHRONICLES” is all about how the transformation of self can inspire and guide  significant organizational change.  Churchill’s strategy, his approach to changing both himself and his nation, was simple, yet challenging:

1) Build Connections:
Churchill rarely took on the role of “expert”. Instead, he became a master of matching people with people and groups with resources.

2) Build Commitment:
Churchill’s visibility amongst the people and his inspirational messages kept the engagement level high.

3) Build Practice:
The Prime Minister encouraged everyone in his sphere of influence to practice positive and precise communication methods, to practice engagement with local communities and groups, to practice thinking unconventionally and creatively, and to practice generosity, patience, and kindness.  This strategy of connection, commitment, and practice was the key to Churchill’s success.


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